ORCA NDL-OWL Request Converter v.0.8-SNAPSHOT.build-ad0408a4589bb30c4ec8f6b415d9690f568cb7ae

NS2 parse test mode set to: false
NS2 XML mode (produce XML, not NDL) set to: false
XML validation is set to: true

Select source format and output format:

This service is also available as XMLRPC from http://geni.renci.org:12080/ndl-conversion/. To determine call parameters use introspection. For example in Python:

import xmlrpclib
callSummary = proxy.system.listMethods()
methodHelp = proxy.system.methodHelp("ndlConverter.requestFromRSpec")
f = open('my-simple-experiment.tcl','r')
fileCont = f.read()
ndl = proxy.ndlConverter.requestFromNS2(fileCont, 'RDF-XML')

For all NS2 requests and for those RSpec requests with no 'valid_until' attribute present the default request term is from now to now+24 hours.

XML-RPC calls are overloaded to allow specifying starting and ending terms of requests as necessary.